Believing You Could Run Your Own Home Business!

Believing You Could Run Your Own Home Business!

BZZZZ! BZZZZ! BZZZZ! the alarm buzzes in your ear again reminding you that, yes it is again that time of day (wait its way to early to even consider this hour day), but as I was say the sound that is a reminder that now time no longer belongs to you, and know that you think about it can you remember when your day belonged to you truly belonged to you. As you prepare for another day you find your mind wondering off to that place the only if place……….my own business!

Is this you?

If so there are very important things that you will need to take into consideration and questions that you will have to honestly answer to yourself before you take that ultimate step into being your own boss, the world of the entrepreneur.

This is a step a commitment that needs to be made with both eyes wide open and only after you have openly and honestly answered the important questions.

The Important Questions

Do you thrive on the hustle and bustle of others around you and the interaction that takes place at the office, the exchange of conversation as one passes co-workers in the hall or wherever you may work?

If you answer is yes, then starting/owning a home based business is a decision that you may wish to reconsider.

But if instead you believe that you would be quit satisfied sitting alone in your own office at home only speaking with clients, minding your own business 😉 you may just have what it takes to be a successful home business entrepreneur.

If you are content not having the latest gossip from coworkers schooling around you, then you, too, would revel in the freedom to live the lifestyle that you and your family want and deserve which is offered by being a home business entrepreneur.

Do you spend every waking hour dreaming of being your own boss, as your boss is letting people know that they need to give up there weekend plans for the good of the company. The desire, to work for a boss that truly cares, about you and your family’s future.

What It Takes For Home Business Success

Desire, Confidence, Heart all rapped up to make Self-motivation which is the key to succeeding when starting your home based business. You will need the ability to drive yourself (Desire), determination to push forward to every new sale/client (Confidence) and the willing to invest the time and effort into your new home business (Heart).

The level of success of your new home business will depend solely on the effort and time you are willing to invest in your new business. All the abilities you poses will be put to practice, from organization, planning marketing to time management as you emerce yourself into the exciting world of the home business entrepreneur.

Do You Believe?

Are you able to push and motivate yourself? Do you have the tenacity, drive to work independently? Are you willing to invest the time to allow your business to grow form an infant to glorious maturity? As the boss you are now responsible for the disappointments, but also remember you are responsible for the victories!

Know that you are your own boss you are empowered, you have the ability to achieve beyond old expectations, there is no longer a ceiling over you that determines the levels you can reach. Your past no longer has to dictate you future. Gone are the days when time was not yours to control, when you had to answer to a demanding boss that showed no appreciation for the sacrifices that you made day in and day out.

Know going that extra mile means success for you and your family. Your home based business now affords you the time to take care of your family with quality of quantity time while still making money. You have the best of both worlds. You now have true job security. You are the boss aren’t you?


You most important job will be to Believe in you, even when things are moving slower than you may have anticipate it would be. And remember the analogy of crabs in a crab pot “when one tries to climb out the rest pull him back in” So stop listening to those negative and derogatory comments made by those who are to afraid to succeed, stuck in their dead end jobs. They will always try pulling you back down. I Believe you can, just as I Believed I could.