CRM-On-Demand: 7 Advantages For Small Business

CRM-On-Demand: 7 Advantages For Small Business

Customer Relationship Management software can offer many advantages for all-sized-business. However, small business has usually different needs and budgets than larger corporations. I want to highlight that CRM-on-demand is particularly suitable for small business.

Specifically, I see seven advantages of a web-based-CRM for small business:

1. Web-based-CRM, or CRM-on-demand, is a fraction of the cost of self-hosted Customer Relationship Management software for small business as price is predominantly determined by the number of modules and users selected. There are no additional computers to be purchased nor is there an internal IT team to be hired to manage its programs and new servers.

While support is usually paid for, open-source web-based-CRM software is often provided for free, while other Customer Relationship Management software providers give a single-user solution for free. Both ways, it is affordable by small business, at least as an introduction.

2. Introducing a CRM-program may in many cases be the very first step that a small business will take towards customers management. This means that a wide array of new marketing and sales opportunities will now spontaneously look small business owners in the face. These opportunities are not new. They were always there, but this system makes them apparent. Great opportunities may appear in the market place but they are also to be found in small business’ own internal administrative processes. There is potential to make significant time and cost savings by streamlining and automating processes.

3. Online access to your Customer Relationship Management system from any location when needed helps small business to facilitates its sales & marketing processes in terms of accuracy, speed, and effectiveness. This on-the-road accessibility supports sales record keeping, lead generation and sales conversion. It could not be more convenient. The platform also enables you to personalize your marketing, sales and service communications with clients. In addition, small business can use the system for marketing campaign management and long-range marketing planning.

4. Small business can leverage the superior data security of its web-based-CRM provider. Securing sensitive customer and business data with proper encryption and through a computer set-up that avoids hack attacks is now managed by a professional IT organization.

5. For computer-savvy small business, CRM offers the chance to finally realize interaction between the various customer-related data sources that were previously spread over different computer software and hardware.

6. Web-based CRM is easy to use, not just for small business, for anyone. It is simple to select the Customer Relationship Management modules that are most suitable for your type and size of business. There are even specialized software providers who offer industry-specific solutions.

7. Access to customer relationship software allows smaller business to better compete in the market, even with companies that have a wider equity base and more disposable resources for marketing.

When working through these advantages with the various vendors, you’re ready to make your decision to plan, pilot and roll-out your new web based CRM or CRM On-demand.

I trust this approach results in a cost-effective and fast decision making process for you and your organization.