Top Five Forum Marketing Forums

Top Five Forum Marketing Forums

When you are a new website owner and you are looking at forum marketing it can be difficult to find a proper lead generating forum. This is especially true if you happen to be looking for a specific niche that you can tap into by using forum marketing. The first thing you must do before you find any of these niche sites you need to realize that forum marketing is a skill that must be learned how to be done. If you start out by spamming the boards you will be instantly banned from the forum. There are certain strategies that you need to learn before you even begin to practice forum marketing. After you have achieved this there are 5 common forums that business owners are finding useful in their forum marketing campaign.

1. Conquer your niche
This is one of the more popular forum marketing sites. The creator of this site is Russell Brunson who is one of the top internet marketers. Russell’s forum has been at the top of the charts for several years now. One of the greatest benefits of this forum is that it has a referral program as well as an ad rotation. What this basically means is that you will get paid while you are surfing and interacting on the forum. So not only will you get paid for the clicks you will receive from your signature line but you will also get paid for posting. This is a great way to earn a double income.

2. Warrior forum
This forum is one of the biggest online for forum marketing. You will find home based workers from all over the world located on this forum. This forum also has a built in ad program that you can use to promote your product.

3. Better networker
This forum was created by Mike Dillard who is one of the best internet marketers and has been for the past 5 years. His forum is growing daily with several home based business owners joining. This site provides the business owner with a homey and friendly atmosphere which puts them more at ease than just about any other site that is out there.

4. Rich Dad
This site is dominated by real-estate workers, entrepreneurs and other business owners among others. This forum is mainly filled though with people who have bought one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books.

5. Work at home forum
This is the one forum that first appears on the search engines. It has work at home businesses from all over the world as members. It is not as popular as the other four but is equally as important.

There you have it the top 5 forum marketing forums that are available to you. Do not forget to honor the rules of the forum that you choose.